Issue 7: Special Issue “Year Abroad Conference”

Language Scholar – Summer 2020: Special Issue 7 “Year Abroad Conference”

EditorialClare Wright, Kazuki Morimoto, and Ruba Khamam

Takako Amano: Communicating issues of students in relation to mental health and identifying blind spots of support networks of year abroad.

Anne-Charlotte Husson and Damien Hall: Mental health, higher education, and the year abroad: challenges and recommendations.

Emine Çakir and Julide Inozu: The importance of emotions in year abroad language study.

Simon McKinnon: Encouraging students to value what we value: recognising student priorities and shaping student learning abroad.

Martin Ward and Mika Takewa: From ‘predecisional’ to ‘postdecisional’: an examination of the fluctuations of motivational factors in students of Japanese as seen in Year Abroad essays.

Clare Wright and Ying Peng: The student expectation journey from Study Abroad back home.

Chloe Wallace: Study Abroad and the experience of difference: a study of pedagogic difference for law Students in Study Abroad. 

Hanh Pho: ‘Am I gonna understand anybody?!’: international students and their struggles to understand different ‘Englishes’ in an international environment.

Fumiko Narumi-Munro and Mihoko Pooley: Nurturing interaction between pre- and post-year abroad students.

Claire Reid: How to (not) prepare students for the Year Abroad. 

Siobhan Mortell: Facilitating Reflection on Year Abroad Learning: digital media and Portfolio Module.