The Leeds Language Scholar Journal (LLS) is an open access and peer-reviewed publication. Its main objective is to provide a platform to promote the teaching and learning scholar activity.

Contributions are welcome from practitioners, researchers and students who are involved in languages and pedagogy as well as applied linguistics, language methodology, critical discourse, classroom practice, intercultural communication, psychology of language, research methods, Modern Language Teaching, English as a Foreign Language, assessment, EAP, sociolinguistics, linguistic analysis, ancient languages, creativity, translation, syntax, error analysis, communicative strategies and experimental linguistics amongst others.

The LLS is a UK-based journal that considers international contributions in multimodal formats and in any language, providing a space where scholars can place their work and receive feedback on it and guidance on any revisions required.

Alongside the annual printed issue, the LLS digital’s space hosts and showcases contributions, facilitating sharing and exchange of ideas. Submissions can be sent to the editors at any time. However deadlines may be announced for specific issues.

The Leeds Language Scholar Journal is published by the Leeds Centre for Excellence in Language Teaching and features contributions by colleagues and students from the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at Leeds and across the rest of the world.

If you would like to get in touch or submit a piece, you can contact us on the journal’s email: llsj@leeds.ac.uk or email directly one of the editors (below).


Editorial Board


Bettina Hermoso-Gomez, University of Leeds, UK    B.Hermoso-Gomez@leeds.ac.uk

Antonio Martinez-Arboleda, University of Leeds, UK    A.Martinez-Arboleda@leeds.ac.uk

Sofia Martinho, University of Leeds, UK      S.Martinho@leeds.ac.uk

Carolin Schneider, University of Leeds, UK     C.Schneider@leeds.ac.uk


Editorial Advisory Board

Bev Back, University of Leeds, UK

Alexander Ding, University of Leeds, UK

Haynes Collins, University of Leeds, UK

Hanem El-Farahaty, University of Leeds, UK

Chiara LaSala, University of Leeds, UK

Kazuki Morimoto, University of Leeds, UK

Alan O’Leary, University of Leeds, UK

Ruth Payne, University of Leeds, UK

Valentina Ragni, University of Leeds, UK



Guidelines for authors