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The B.A.A.L. / Cambridge University Press Seminar Programme 2018-19

Monday 8 - Tuesday 9 April, 2019

The B.A.A.L / Cambridge University Press Seminar will be hosted by the Centre for Language Education Research, University of Leeds, on April 8th – 9th 2019.

Blowing away the dust: Illuminating the value of Practitioner Research in Applied Linguistics

In recent years Practitioner Research in language education has grown quickly, yet it is still not fully acknowledged in Applied Linguistics. This BAAL-CUP seminar presents a renewed vision of Practitioner Research in Applied Linguistics, encompassing developments such as (collaborative, exploratory, participatory) Action Research, Exploratory Practice, and Reflective Practice, amongst others. It aims to challenge perspectives and blow the dust away from time-worn beliefs about who does what in language teaching and research. We aim to explore different epistemologies, challenge beliefs about research and pedagogy, and foreground commonalities to enable all to work well together in fully inclusive Practitioner Research.
This interactive seminar encourages multi-modal and creative ways for practitioners to disseminate their research in a supportive collegial environment. We offer different ways for all participants, both newcomers and experienced researchers, to present research, generate networks, and create equal partnerships in order to learn from and with others, to challenge and refresh views about language learning, teaching and researching, to ultimately build an agenda to advance theory and practice in Practitioner Research in Applied Linguistics.

Keynote Speakers
 Paula Rebolledo (RICELT-Network of Chilean research in ELT, Chile)
 Darío Luis Banegas (University of Warwick, United Kingdom; Ministerio de Educación del Chubut, Argentina)
Roundtable discussion: Loreto Salas Aliaga, Laura Grassick, Judith Hanks, Harry Kuchah
Rapporteurs: Lou Harvey, Martin Wedell
Submission Guidelines
Abstracts are welcome in any area of practitioner research, which addresses the themes encompassed in the Seminar title above.
Key dates:
Call for papers: Deadline 22nd February 2019

You will be notified of the outcome of the review process on 1st March

Please send your abstract using this template to:
Your contact details will be included in the book of abstracts unless you opt out during the submission process.

Title: Up to 15 words.
Abstract: up to 200 words. Please include details about your research, including details about your participants, research question, and outcomes, if applicable.
If you include citations/references in your abstract, please keep these to a maximum of five in Harvard style.

Type of presentation:
Individual (20 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A):
This is a 20’+10’ minute session in which you have the opportunity to share what you have done or are doing in relation to practitioner research. The content needs to address the seminar theme. Please refer to the context, and refer to the most salient point of your research.
Participants are encouraged to present posters in A1 size. These will be displayed throughout the duration of the seminar. Posters can present preliminary or completed research, and/or reflections about practitioner research.
Please note that presenters are responsible for printing and bringing the posters to the seminar.
An electronic version of each poster may be shared on the website and the event’s social media.
Presenters are encouraged to lead workshops for participants. The objective of workshop is to experience and discuss tasks led by the presenter. You need to explain when and how activities will be carried out, and how the audience will be involved.

There are four scholarships up to £100 to cover registration fee, transport, and accommodation for students. Candidates wishing to apply for a scholarship should submit an abstract in the usual way, indicating clearly on their submission that they wish to be considered for a scholarship.

Seminar e-mail:

Venue information
Coach House, School of Education, University of Leeds
5-9 Hillary Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9JT

CfP form

Call for papers