Jeff Binmoeller

Jeff’s love of languages began as a child at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, founded by the educator John Dewey, whose experiential learning methods believed that ‘education is not preparation for life; education is life itself’. Jeff is of German and Japanese descent, and at the age of 12, he won an award for a speech he gave in Japanese at the Midwest Buddhist Temple in Chicago while he was also falling in love with Heine’s Die Lorelei which he was memorizing for his German class. He has lived in Japan, Germany, and Switzerland, where he became interested in Jungian analytical psychology and Eastern religions. Jeff is currently an independent researcher in the fields of linguistics, education, SLT, and Eastern religions/philosophy.

Jeff holds an MA in English Literature from Northwestern University in the US –  where his thesis was on D. H. Lawrence and Eastern thought – and an MA in Creative Writing from Northumbria University in the UK. A published author, Jeff’s novella, Self-help Gargoyles, won the ‘Blackwell’s Prize for MA Creative Writing’ awarded to the best student on the MA in Creative Writing. As a PhD student at Newcastle University researching creative writing and Indian religion, Jeff created and taught a first-year Creative Writing module to undergraduates and assessed English academic skills. He has also taught ESL, German, and Japanese (to both adults and children).

Jeff has studied Ancient Greek and Sanskrit during his BA in English focusing on comparative epic at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His sixth language is Arabic, and he has worked extensively with Arabic-speaking PhD students in English Linguistics creating an online language school where he pioneered innovative use of technology and authentic sources as part of a communicative, student-centred, and interactive curricula.

Jeff is a freelance English-German-English translator, and his most recent project is a translation of Goethe’s Faust (which he began during his BA in English). He also continues to work as an academic editor, a field in which he has more than ten years’ experience.

Jeff’s love of languages extends to music – the most universal language of all. He has sung in Carl Maria von Weber’s opera Abu Hassan as well as a series of Schubert’s Lieder setting to music Goethe’s poetry.

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