Hanem El-Farahaty

Hanem El-Farahaty is a Lecturer in Arabic/English Translation and Interpreting and Programme Manager for MA Arabic/English Translation at the Centre of Translation Studies and Arabic, Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Leeds. She also worked as a lecturer in the University of Mansoura, Egypt. In 2011, Hanem was awarded a PhD for her research into Arabic Translation Studies with a particular focus on legal translation. She taught Arabic and translation in a number of UK  universities and she taught English linguistics and English/Arabic translation in The University of Mansoura.

Hanem is the author of Arabic-English-Arabic Legal Translation, a ground-breaking investigation of the issues found in legal translation between Arabic and English. She is also a co-editor of the Routledge Handbook of Arabic Translation (forthcoming 2017). Hanem has also published a number of journal articles and book chapters in Arabic linguistics and Arabic translation.

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