LITE Work in Progress (WiP) seminar: Mobile Phones & Creativity

Scott Palmer and Maria Kapsali, School of Performance & Cultural Industries

The aim of this seminar is: disseminate some of our initial findings from the current LITE Fellowship project which seeks to explore the use of mobile phones in the curriculum.

How might basic functionalities as well as bespoke applications allow for the development of vernacular creativity? Focusing on outcomes from student-focused projects at University of Leeds and recent research, we will explore how mobile phones might be seen as an enabling device rather than a distraction to teaching and learning.

Time: 12:30pm

Venue: Edward Boyle library, research room 1

This series of lunch-time talks captures a small selection of the innovative pedagogic research and projects currently being undertaken on campus. They also provide a forum for discussion and networking, and are open to all.

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Lunch is provided

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