An interview with Professor Marina Mozzon-McPherson

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Professor Marina Mozzon-McPherson is a Professor of Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching at the University of Hull, having started her career as a Language Learning Adviser. She has been involved in a number of projects, such as SMILE (Strategies for Managing an Independent Learning Environment, 1997-2001) and EUROVERSITY (2012-2014).

Professor Marina Mozzon-McPherson has also been the Director of the Links into Languages Programme, which was led by the Subject Centre for Languages with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust and the Association for Language Learning. Her research interests are in the field of online speech communities, e-learning communities, learning autonomy and the internationalisation of Higher Education curricula amongst others.

This informal interview gives a brief introduction to language learning advice, its origins and potential for the current educational landscape and future. Here, language learning advising is defined as interactions between learners and language learning specialists, guiding the learner towards developing autonomy and independent learning skills through dialogue and reflection. Marina describes the process of language advising, and gives examples and ideas on how language advising can be integrated into students’ learning. She states that language learning advisers are ideally language graduates and possess a specialist set of skills that includes active listening as well as skills related to coaching and mentoring.