Duncan Wheeler: The Spanish Shakespeares: theatre, translation and student education

  • Date: Thursday 16 March 2017
  • Location:: Edward Boyle Library Level 13: Research Meeting Room 1
  • Time: : 12:00 to 13:30

The project for which I was awarded a University Student Education Fellowship is designed to provide a concrete and replicable demonstration of how theatre and translation can be used as a pedagogical means and ends. In this talk, I focus on one aspect of this endeavour, inspired by collaborations with both the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Spanish National Classical Theatre Company. Outreach and educational projects are more developed in the UK than in Spain. With this in mind, I introduced a new assessment for a Level 2 module (“Spanish Theatre and Literature”), by which students carry out research into pedagogical materials provided by the RSC, before developing similar resources in Spanish relating to stage or screen adaptations of texts studied in the module. I will reflect upon the creation of the project and the work submitted by students last May, before moving onto a discussion of what modifications will be made and how this assessment relates to the Fellowship as whole.